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Environmental Friendly

ARUBA CHEMICALS HOPE sheets are environmental friendly products because they are complete• ly recyclable. As the environmental issue is so important, we are all responsible to protect the environment. We should be making efforts by choosing products that are recyclable.

  • Surface
  • Plain, Texture
  • UV Stabilized

The ARUBA CHEMICALS HDPE sheets are being produced for the applications of both indoor and outdoor.They are all UV stabilized guarantedd for at least 8 year.


Unlike other materials, Aruba Chemicals HDPE sheets do not rot, splinter, chip, swell, and it is also termite offers a much longer life span compare to other materials . its properties don’t change even it is being installed outdoor. or at anywhere under the harsh weather and condition. Aruba Chemicals HDPE sheets have very low water absorption rate that discourages molds and fungus from growing,.

Maintenance free and hassle free

Aruba Chemicals HDPE sheets are colored sheets and you can choose any color you like. i can also be easily cleaned by using a pressure washer and its non-stick surface make graffiti difficult..

Cost Saving

Taking into consideration of the advantages offered , working with Aruba Chemicals HDPE sheets can definitely help in labor and material cost saving . it saves maintenance cost in long run to

Standard Colors

Red , Orange, yellow, Blue, beige, black, green, white, and any other colors according to customers, requirement.


Outdoor Recreational facilities / Sports Venues / Carved Signs / Indoor House furniture / playground equipment / Decorative Elements / Prototype.

March 17, 2017