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Heavy duty track way panel
Our heavy duty plastic track way panel is suitable for the heaviest of loads up to 200tons and can be used to create track ways and compound working areas for a wide range of industries including construction. Oil drilling industry. Power transmission, renewable energy sites and infrastructure works.
The solid one piece panels provide a firm working surface and can be used in any weather
conditions. They are particularly suitable for use on transmission projects as they are non-conductive and also on remote or high theft risk sites due to their minimal scrap value.
The panels are rigid enough to efficiently disperse the heaviest of loads whilst at the same time they
will follow ground contours allowing use on undulating ground
Simple robust 16mm bolted connections allow the panels to be joined in either wide track layouts or compound and work areas of any dimension. Easily installed with crane mounted wagons or all terrain forklifts/telehandler


Standard size : 4500X2000X38mm ( plus two side 5mm traffic lugs) total 48mm
3000X2500X38mm (plus one side 7mm traffic lugs ,one side 2mm pedestrian) Total 47mm
The thickness can be various according customer required loading weight.

March 19, 2017