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Brief Introduction

We can supply the complete set of hockey fence board; it includes HOPE (High density polyethylene) panel, steel frame, steel triangular support, handrail, screw. The installation of dasher board is easy and simple. Every piece is hand crafted by expert worker with the highest quality materials to ensure quality and durability, and comes with 5-year warranty. Now you can enjoy skating and playing hockey anywhere, anytime and of any size. No power, no water, no freezers or coolers or Zamboni required.
Starting with our Dasher Boards, we build to your specifications or start your job using
our specifications and customize them to your design. Our dasher board systems offer the widest range of optional features in the industry.
Aruba Chemicals Series dasher boards are available with traditional steel frames or lighter weight aluminum frames for ease in seasonal installation and dismantling. All of our frames are fully-welded for strength and long lasting durability.
Ideal for either indoor or outdoor backyard rinks, arenas, commercial or residential
Easily transported and assembled and stored in the off season. Can be used in outdoor or indoor applications.


March 19, 2017