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Besides UHMWPE & HOPE sheets , we can produce other extruded plastic sheets as below:

Polypropylene sheet 
It offers good toughness, chemical and corrosion resistance with no moisture
Absorption. Also offers a higher service temperature than other plastic materials. Which has a harder udometer and is more resistant to stress cracking? It cannot be cemented but are easily welded with plastic welder. It is white-tan, translucent with working temps of
40°F – 210°F and a forming temp of 310°F – 325°F.

 Size Range:

Thickness: 1 – 30mm
Width: 2500 mm max
Any length and any color, according to customers’ requests.

> Easy to weld using thermoplastic welding equipment
> Low moisture absorption
> Good chemical resistance


> Low cost
> Extremely tough
> Excellent aesthetic properties
> Easy to fabricate

Application of PP Sheet:

Drinking water/ sewage line, seals spraying carrier, anti-corrosive tank/bucket, acid/al• kali resistant industry, waste/exhaust emission equipment, washer, dust free room, semiconductor factory and other related industry equipment and machinery, food machine and cutting plank and electroplating process.




PVC Rigid Sheet is a high corrosion resistant polyvinyl chloride, it is videly used for high
corrosion resistance application, such as chemical, advertising, printing, exhibition, bulldinq.etc., very popular in the international market.


1.0utdoor Flat Signs: paintable, screen printing, digital printing, laminated.
2.Construction material. Especial for the sandwich board making.
3.Display board.
4.Sandwich elements for parapets and door panels.
7.Air-conditioning and ventilation systems.


1.Easy to thermoform, bend and fabricate.
2.Excellent chemical resistance.
3.Perfect for chemical or corrosive environment.
4.Good fire rating – Self-extinguishing.
5.Glossy or matte surface.
6.Excellent electrical and thermal insulation.
7.High impact strength.
8.Weather resistant.
9.Low Moisture Absorption.
Thickness: 0.6mm-30mm
Width: 1.22m, 1.5m,etc
Length: 2.44m, 3.05m, etc. (as to your requirement) Color: as required.
We also can manufacture according to your requirements.


March 19, 2017